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I have been an artist for over 15 years in the art field.  The current work on my site is directed toward mapping and environmental design in the 2d and 3d game industries.  My early professional experience in illustration and graphic design has now lead me to texturing and environmental design in the 3d game and 2d mobile markets.  

Education: Colorado Institute of Art (Degree in Graphic Design),  NWCC (Degree in Visual Printing Techniques) and The Game Institute.

Companies and Clients:

Six Flags

National Park Vendors

Cutters Guild:  Concept art

Jshadow:  Art and  Concept designer

Worldspinner; Cartography

Raging Swan Press

Rusty Axe Games

TKP games

Sneak Attack Press

Polyhedron Games

Vonschlick studios

Headless Hydra Games